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Sometimes I feel like life is passing me by
Sometimes I feel like I don't even need to cry
Sometimes I feel that this life's loveliness is infinitesimal
Sometimes I feel that this stomachache is more than intestinal

And, well, I can't tell you of my sorrow
And, well, I don't know about tomorrow
And, well, these worries are flooding through my brain
Just take me to the stars
And take me through the rain

Give me your telephone number
Teach me, life under the stars
Give me your telephone number
Show me love above the stars
Give me your telephone number
Just wake me from this sleep
Give me your telephone number
Tell me what I have to keep....

Sometimes it seems like nothing is actually real
Sometimes I think I'm beginning to finally heal
Sometimes I feel that I have something I need to emancipate
But then I don't have the strength to even elaborate

Repeat bridge and chorus

Sometimes I feel like I can't take it anymore
Sometimes I feel more worthless than I did before
Sometimes I think you're the only one to whom I can relate
But should I go through with this?  I've got to deliberate

Repeat bridge and chorus
Another song, which is based on an original story of mine. I wrote this when I was a teenager for some class assignment---that's why it's emo :D Quite honestly it's probably my least favorite of my songs.

It's another one that sounds better than it reads, so I apologize if it seems repetitive. Will link to recording when it's available.
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