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Your voice is sweet as honey
Your face is fine as silk
Your smile, your laugh, so sunny
I drink you in like milk

I see your sweater on the desk
If only I could be so blessed
To be that near you
I hear a mention of your name
Try to control my mind in vain...
I'm thinking of you

My love, you are my freedom
My love, you are my peace
The sky is full of reasons
That you and I should be

You speak so well, your words like bells
Ring clear and true
Your sweet scent dwells where memories meld
with love imbued
You stand so sure, with such allure
Just like a king
For you and you alone my heart takes wing

Your eyes are my undoing
Your gaze a thrilling dance
Such fire, such ardor brewing
In the wake of your deft glance

You walk before me
And I'm fazed
Some moments pass yet I remain
Staring after you
I watch your fingers turn a page
Oh, all the kisses that I'd lay
On each part of you

My love, you are my freedom
My love, you are my peace
The sky is full of reasons
That you and I should be
* Update: Listen to the song on Youtube ([link] ) *
A song about that first blush of love, the kind that fills your head and heart and makes you crazy :) I was inspired by the ancient Egyptian love poetry, in particular, the "praise" songs in which each aspect of the beloved is praised by a comparison to something beautiful in nature.
Cranberry413 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
Hi there :) This has been sitting in my messages for days and I kept meaning to get to it, so here I am [finally]!
Anyway, it's really beautiful. I always love your songs :aww: Keep up the great work!
cyimang Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I loved hearing the lyrics of this song, seeing the full video just melted my heart:) Your voice is so
calming as always, and your guitar playing is really superb. Its just too lovely my friend, thank you
for sharing!!:love:

Can't wait to hear more!
tchalla811 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Loved them. Can't wait to share it.:-):-):-)
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